A common concern among patients is sensitive teeth. Teeth can be sensitive to many things, but the most common sensations are to cold, hot, sweets, or biting. It’s very hard to determine why teeth are sensitive based on the symptoms alone so an in person clinical exam is the best way to get a diagnosis. However, here are some of the most common reasons teeth are sensitive: tooth decay or cavities, gum recession, cracked teeth, traumatic occlusion, worn fillings or enamel.

The solution to sensitivity depends on the source so it is impossible to give a general solution for everyone. Sometimes a sensitivity toothpaste or fluoride varnish may be the only thing needed to manage the symptoms. Other times, a tooth may need a filling, crown, or even bite adjustment. The proper remedy will be discussed after reviewing the x-rays and clinical presentation of a tooth. If you have sensitive teeth, I recommend seeing a dentist sooner rather than later. Many of these issues can worsen with time so early intervention is important!

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