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Keeping Your Teeth for Your Lifetime

A Message from Drs. Sean and John Landgraf

Drs. John and Sean LandgrafSince opening, Dr. John R. Landgraf and Dr. Sean Landgraf have extensive experience in treating dental patients. This combined experience has provided some helpful advantages. We have had the opportunity to understand and learn why some patients easily keep most of their teeth, while other patients, unfortunately, lose all of their teeth. We have also had the opportunity to see how these conditions impact the lives of our patients.

It’s no surprise that our teeth do a lot of hard work for us and in a tough environment (chewing mountains of food with bacteria in a warm and moist mouth). Over time, some teeth are lost. What can you do to make sure you keep your teeth, and why is this important?

While this may seem far-fetched, keeping your natural teeth can increase the length and quality of your life. As we age, our ability to participate in intense physical activities begins to diminish to the point that socialization through dining with others becomes more important. We view the quality of our life and our desire to continue living it through these types of enjoyable experiences. What if the limitations of your dentures cause you to struggle through each meal by preventing you from eating and enjoying your food? Could this impact your desire to socially dine with others? Would this change your outlook on the future?

What can you do to predictably keep your natural teeth for your lifetime? Daily homecare of brushing and flossing is important, but this alone will not ensure you won’t have dental problems. The big secret to maintaining dental health is frequent professional dental cleanings. If you have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist every 3-6 months, you will experience far fewer dental problems and have the greatest chance of maintaining your teeth for a longer and happier lifetime.

If you have dental insurance, the cost of regular cleanings is usually paid for you. But if you do not have insurance, STL Mid County Dental has an annual discount program to make cleanings very affordable (more than 50% off).

With so many years of combined dental experience to draw from, we know how to help you get more enjoyment from your life: REGULAR PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CLEANINGS.

As this is such an important aspect of dental care, we’ve ensured the care will be affordable for you. We hope this information will be beneficial in reminding you to schedule your next cleaning.


Drs. Sean and John Landgraf

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